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Triangle Fire Safety - fire safety

Fire Safety
As a fire safety company, we help businesses minimize risks. Triangle Fire Safety provides the necessary precautions to prevent an accident from occurring, and help businesses be prepared for the event of an incident.

Triangle Fire Safety - Safety Training

Safety Training
In addition to fire safety, we can provide high-quality safety training. In the case of an emergency, having staff members available who are safety trained could save a person’s life.

Triangle Fire Safety - Events Safety Management

Event Safety Management
If you are holding an event, it’s important to make sure that the correct safety precautions are in place. Triangle Fire Safety can help you create unique precautions that keep the event compliant with legal and insurance requirements.

Triangle Fire Safety - Safety Equipment

Preparing your workplace with the necessary safety equipment is an essential way of defending the premises from hazards. Triangle Fire Safety’s range of equipment are all products we trust and have chosen ourselves.


Triangle Fire Safety

Based in Somerset, Triangle Fire Safety provides adaptable fire safety solutions for businesses, helping keep staff, customers and equipment safe from fire risks.

We appreciate that every situation is unique, which is why we provide bespoke safety solutions that are tailored around our customers’ requirements. Our services can help reduce the possibility of you having a fire, in addition to making sure that everyone is prepared for the event of an incident.

Triangle Fire Safety is a cost-effective company that provides a stress-free, but effective, service. We make sure that our customers are comfortable and confident with their safety precautions before we are finished. It’s this service that allows our customers to remain safe and protected if a real incident occurs.

Even in the case of an emergency, we can provide a prompt and efficient service to help resolve your issue.


Many fire and rescue services will not respond immediately to an incident without a threat of fatality. We, however, will respond.